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Welcome to “Graceful Encounter - Jewellery for Healing”. 


Graceful Encounter is a collection of handmade semi-precious and precious gemstone jewellery. 



I love designing and creating beautiful healing jewellery with style and elegance.  An elegant piece which you can enjoy wearing at parties, a stylish piece which can be worn at business meetings, or simple designed jewellery which looks really good with casual attire.  Yet powerful healing energy is constructed and created in these pieces.  You can draw the healing energy from the jewellery you are wearing and feel its gentle healing and support working for you! 



I come from a family with a very high perception towards energy.  I studied Crystal Healing 16 years ago to qualify as a crystal healer.  I did a further four-year advance crystal healing course. 



My high perception is not only towards gemstone energy, but to other materials such as precious metals (silver, gold etc) and silk etc.  Each material has different energy frequencies and property.  I love constructing healing energy by weaving energy of these different materials and creating jewellery for healing which gives powerful therapeutic energy to YOU!! 



I offer free 20-30 minutes one-to-one meditation by skype or phone to connect your energy to the jewellery you purchased so it works for your highest good.  I am happy to answer questions you may have regarding the jewellery you purchased during the one-to-one session.  Also written meditation instruction is either enclosed or sent by email, if you would like to do it yourself.



Please visit “About” pages for further information on “Graceful Encounter”, “How to choose your jewellery”,  “Healing power of gemstones”, and “How healing  jewellery is created”.  Please also visit "Meditation with Jewellery purchased at Graceful Encounter" page. 



I hope you enjoy the beautiful design and healing power of “Graceful Encounter” jewellery!



Shigemi Cheves






"The world is a better place with your jewellery in it."

-  Alan Stirling,  Feng Shui Master,  Founder of Feng Shui International School of Excellence

"Shigemi made me some grounding anklets about this time last year... as a wild time was anticipated (correctly).   She is an incredible lady.  You should have a look at her Jewellery and book an energy consultation with her... The woman is immense and has been a phenomenal force to have in my life."   

-  Brittany Spence,  Chariman at British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA), Chairman at UK Association of Physical and Natural Therapists (APNT), Commitee (Marketing and Communications) at British Fascia Symposium,  Fouder of  "The Sucessful Therapist System"

" When I met Shigemi and she explained about the healing energy of crystals and how to harness their healing abilities, I was willing to give it a try.  I am now a firm believer of wearing jewellery for a purpose and have been wearing the various jewellery sets according to circumstances."


- Valerie Cheong, Business Owner and Consultant and Cross Cultural Coach

"Shigemi's pieces are really special and stand out from others because she is a genuine bonafita healer - the real thing.  She has helped me to become a healthier and better me, and I am so grateful"


- Kurly Marwaha, Feng Shui Master and of Clarity with Kurly, UK‚Äč

"Through her gentle guidance you will be able to open your consciousness to areas which may need healing and others which require exploration, understanding or acceptance. I would highly recommend Shigemi to anyone who is looking for healing, guidance or for a deeper understanding of themselves.”  


 - Brenda Weekley,  Cornwall, UK









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