Jewellery for Healing

Gallery 2 : Necklace - Ametrine and Lavender Amethyst with Sterling Silver Beads & Chain

Gallery 2 : Necklace - Ametrine and Lavender Amethyst with Sterling Silver Beads & Chain 



By Shigemi Cheves 


“Graceful Encounter” Jewellery may look just stylish or pretty.  However it is all designed and constructed to create healing energy. 


Some are strategically designed and constructed to have a geometric grid creating powerful healing energy.  Also they may be designed for geometric patterns to be positioned over certain parts of the body when worn. 


Here is an example – a beautiful necklace made of Ametrine and Lavender Amethyst with energy profile. 




This necklace is made of Ametrine and Lavender Amethyst.  Large faceted stones are Ametrine and small round beads are Lavender Amethyst. 


Ametrine has properties of Amethyst and Citrine.  Although I chose Ametrines with a light violet colour, the Citrine’s energy of light-heartedness with a touch of brightness and playfulness remains. 


This necklace has a theme of gentle purification and transmutation.  It is strategically designed. When wearing this necklace, one lavender amethyst and three faceted Ametrine beads are positioned in front, creating a powerful triangular grid with point facing down. 


This triangle covers Thymus and Heart Chakras, which are energy points governing chest and heart areas.  This down pointed triangle grid gently cleanses and releases energy blockages, such as emotional and physiological pains or memories, deeply nested in such areas.  This process is supported by grounding energy of the triangle with point facing down. 


This jewellery also transmutes negativity to higher frequencies, helping access the spiritual realm. 


The beautiful silver bead in front not only gives decorative adornment, but also adds strength for grounding. 


Another triangular grid is created at the back with three lavender amethyst beads.  This triangle covers areas containing many power points, again helping to cleanse energy blockages, transmuting and releasing down to earth through the spine. 


This necklace also has protective power working with meditation. 


However, gemstones have many healing properties and each person’s energy is different.  It may be sensed/felt differently by each wearer. 



Ametrine and Lavender Amethys Necklace  (this item is now sold).

Length approx. 65cm 

Front drop approx. 5cm 

Back drop approx. 3cm