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Creating a Mala - Buddhist prayer beads





Creating a Mala - Buddhist prayer beads 


This is a blog about commission work I received to create a mala.  A mala is Buddhist prayer beads. 


I never made a mala before.  The process of creation was significantly interesting and very much an eye-opener.  Energy of the mala, when completed, had a quality totally unexpected and beautiful. 


With permission of the lady who commissioned this mala, I would like to explain how the mala was designed and created. 


I also hope the lady will remember, whenever she feels needed, how this mala, this beautiful gift from heaven was made for her, by reading this blog. 




Commissioned to create a mala 


The lady purchased jewellery from me a few times in the past.  She is one of my customers who has been working with energy of Graceful Encounter’s jewellery very efficiently for her personal growth. 


She said the mala needed to be made of 108 beads and would like tigers eye. 


I checked my stock and there were right sized faceted tigers eyes.  However, when I placed some stones to see how they were energetically, I immediately knew something else was needed to ground energy of the tigers eyes. So I added some black tourmaline beads.  Sterling silver spacers were also added as their energy would give solidity helping ground the energy of tigers-eyes further. 


I mentioned these additional pieces to her.  I also said the mala would be a lot more stylish than a conventional mala. 


She was happy with these arrangements. 


All stones I use for jewellery are thoroughly cleansed and empowered energetically beforehand.  I began placing dozens of tigers eyes, black tourmalines and sterling silver pieces.  They were already radiating powerful energy.  Then I set my intention of making the mala.  This changed overall energy. The best way to describe this change was as if an energetical purpose a mala is believed to have was added. 


Slightly puzzled by this change, I searched website information on malas including what a mala was and how it was traditionally used. 


When my intention of making a mala with these stones and silver pieces set in, energy coming from these yet-unthreaded pieces became even stronger. 


I could see this mala, when completed, potentially having significantly strong power and it could grow further, much further if appropriately used. Its potential could be limitless. 


Making a piece like this requires lots of spiritual and energy muscles. 

I needed to take a slow stage-by-stage approach in order not to be overpowered by energy. 


I also felt some apprehension making a piece with this kind of strong power.  So I asked the lady how she intended to use the mala. 


She replied saying she had an insight of having a mala made with tigers eyes when she was meditating a while back. She said she was told the mala was for lifetime.  She explained that her spiritual guide, one of Chinese deities, told her she would need the mala and advised her 

to ask me to design and create it.  Her guide said it was the right time for her to have it and Shigemi would design it for her. 


She also sent me a website link of her spiritual guide, the Chinese deity whom I did not know. 


She is an experienced energy practitioner and her reply was clear. 



Tigers eye… an interesting selection.  Like all stones, it has many qualities which include connecting Heaven and Earth.  It helps heaven’s energy to ground into the earth, helping guidance from Heaven to manifest on Earth. It is also a Yin and Yan stone.  Very protective stone as well.  Tigers eye is a stone, I also was guided to work closely with in the past. 



I decided to make a short version of the mala to show her as a sample.  It took me time to make even this short version.  I needed to get used to its energy step by step to keep from being overpowered.  I have made some powerful jewellery before, but this was possibly the most powerful I ever made. 


This powerfulness still gave me concerns.  For customers who purchase my jewellery, I give an instruction on how to meditate to connect to energy of the piece they purchase.  Through this meditation, energy of the jewellery can work for them much more closely for their highest good. For a first time buyer, I give meditation via Skype/telephone for free. 


I felt concern about having full exposure to this mala’s powerful energy.  I thought it best to advise her to have several light meditations to get to know its energy gradually. 


However, I also knew if energy of jewellery or stones was very powerful, it would only work in accordance with energy capacity of the wearer.  Also if a wearer is not willing to fully open to the energy of the jewellery or stones, their effectiveness is also limited and contained. 


I wanted to show her this short version of the mala and gave her an opportunity to sense its energy first. I wanted to make sure that she would know what she would be getting. 


I emailed her, explaining this sample piece and suggested a meeting. 


Replying, she said she trusted her spiritual guide and would buy the mala I designed.  She did not need to test the energy of the mala, as it would mean she would lack faith in her spiritual guide.  She had been working with my jewellery for some time and given that she had received a spiritual guide’s blessing, she did not need to see the mala beforehand. 


“OK. I will complete the mala without showing you the sample.”, I said. 


I was impressed with her solid faith in her spiritual guide.  Also, I very much appreciated her guide and her trust in me. 


Empowerment & Transformation 


A few days later, I completed the mala.  Now it needed to be empowered. 


I sat down to meditate.  I asked the universe for guidance on how best to empower this mala. 


An answer came.  I was told although I now understood purposes and traditional meanings of a mala via my website research, they were just a literal understanding.  In order to empower, I would need to connect to heaven’s consciousness, its conscious purpose for a mala and for this mala. 


I was not quite sure how this was done.  Nevertheless, a few days later when I felt the time was right, I sat down and meditated for empowerment. 


I raised my energy and connected to the universe. At this point I also called upon her spiritual guide for guidance.  I asked the universe to connect me to heaven’s conscious purpose for this mala. Then I opened up my consciousness, searched and touched the heaven’s conscious purpose.  I then downloaded it into me, and into the mala.


When I felt the mala fully received it, I slowly opened my eyes, looked at it and smiled. 


I knew immediately that energy of the mala was transformed.  The initial powerfulness was still there underneath.  Very powerful as before. However, on top of powerfulness there was now an energy of gracefulness, kindness, mercy and compassion. 


I knew these new qualities did not come from the stones.  They came from the heaven’s conscious purpose for this mala. How gracefully and tenderly the mala’s energy shined.  It was amazing to see how a piece made of tigers eyes could radiate energy with such soft tenderness and beautiful compassion. 


Then I knew I did not need to worry about having full exposure to energy of this mala with these new additional qualities. 


Trust Heaven to know best. 


This was the mala with energy Heaven meant for her. 

Such a gift… 


For final completion, I waited for a full moon, the super moon, we had at the end of September, to empower the mala to work for her highest good. Then it was ready for her.