Jewellery for Healing

Grounding anklets to help ground your energy

Grounding anklets to help ground your energy


I would like to think one of my best innovations of healing jewellery are grounding anklets.


Smoky quartz & black onyx with sterling silver chain Anklets

Coin shaped Pyrite and Black Onyx with Sterling Silver chain Anklets


Being able to ground is very important for body, health and life.


Trees and plants with strong rooting can withstand external influences such as severe weather conditions.  If they are rooted well they can also receive nourishment from Mother Earth.  


In the UK, all power plugs have three prongs, and one of them called the Earth.  This Earth works to to make Electricity current flow smoothly, releasing excess charges into ground, regulating currency flows, etc.


Our human energy structure (subtle body) is the same.  If we are well grounded, we can withstand external and internal influences, we can release unwanted energy, and we can receive nutrient energy from Mother Earth. Also we can manifest our dreams and plans by frim grounding. 

Square shaped Black Agate with Sterling Silver chain Anklets

These anklets are for helping to ground one’s energy. I offer free one-to-one meditation via skype or phone.  It is meditation especially to ground energy firmly connecting to Earth energy. 


Yes, these are a pair.  They are meant to be worn on both ankles.  If you wear only one anklet on one leg and that side of a body is grounded via the ankle, your body energetically tilts.   


These anklets really help grounding.  I cannot do without them.  I need good strong grounding, especially engaging in heavy energy work such as creating my healing jewellery, giving therapy sessions. 


Also they look so sexy (female version) and I cannot stop grinning whilst watching my ankles.  I receive a lot of comments when wearing them outside.  It is very interesting to see people notice them.



Energy practitioners such as Feng Shui consultants also know the importance of Earthing.  They know some people are born with strong earthing – these people are likely to manifest wealth and success more easily. Some people are born with no earthing and this may possibly give more hardship in life as they cannot ground.


Feng Shui practitioners also know factors such as change in energy per day, month, year also affect earthing power.  For instance you may be very strongly grounded by this year’s energy, but next year’s energy changes and your grounding effect may significantly weaken. 


To anyone feeling ungrounded or needing strong grounding – for instance, therapists, energy practitioners, or someone facing difficult challenges or difficult environments feeling a need of strong grounding, or someone who just does not feel grounded well generally, I would really like to recommend these grounding anklets.

As mentioned, these anklets come with a free one-to-one meditation to especially help ground one’s energy to Earth via the anklets purchase.