Jewellery for Healing

Necklace made of Sodalite & Black Onyx set in Sterling Silver

Necklace with Sodalite & Black Onyx set in Sterling Silver

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I continue to be attracted to jewellery with energy which helps to raise further the level of consciousness.  This reflects my need for connecting to inner visions and wisdom in current energy work.  


I was wearing the necklace made of Blue Lace Agate and Iolite in my previous blog post.   That jewellery helped me raise energy frequencies and consciousness.   Now I need a stronger mental and mind focus to connect to inner visions.   


The energy of this necklace, made of Sodalite & Black Onyx set in Sterling Silver, helps me in this need.    


It calms, soothes mind and connects to inner stillness by encouraging release of muggy emotions and energy frequencies.  This necklace stimulates the third eye chakra and opens a mind eye with clearer vision. 

* Each stone, I work with, is enrgetically thoroughly purified and then energised so the energy becomes alive. I energise finished jewellery again for the highest good of the wearer.    Energy of my jewelley (and each stone used) has multi-healing qualities and depending on the wearer’s energy structure, it may feel differently. 

The energy of this necklace is also very protective against negative vibrations.  


It keeps me from external negative frequencies, away from external disruptions, and helps me maintain stillness and focus in my own space.  


The energy of Black Onyx and Sterling Silver in this design adds a right amount of depth and strength to help me be steady and grounded.  


I visualize myself being within the center disc of the Sodalite, feeling and appreciating the calmness and focus it gives.    I also use the Black Onyx's strength to create an extra protective barrier layer.  



Anklets made of Pyrite with Stering Silver Chain 


As for anklets, I am wearing one of my favorite anklets made of Pyrite.    


I am always attracted to stones such as Pyrite and Hematite for grounding.   


I like the sharpness and solid heaviness of these stones.   


These anklets are grounding my energy strongly and working with the necklace energy.   They further enhance energetic quality and effect the necklace is giving.    Fab! ! 


In these photos, with the necklace and anklets, I was wearing a dark grey top and light grey jeans.  


Felt really good❤️