Jewellery for Healing

Designing and Creating Healing Jewellery 1

Designing and Creating Healing Jewellery 1 


By Shigemi Cheves 


As a qualified crystal therapist, one of the techniques I use often is “crystal mandala”. Each gemstone (and its size/shape etc) has its own beautiful energy and property.  By placing a collection of stones in certain patterns and layout, another beautiful energy is created.  I have applied this healing concept into my jewellery. 


One of the properties of gemstones is to absorb energy – a very important property for healing. However, whilst gemstones are handled by many people ever since they were mined, they absorb negative and positive energy in the process.  Therefore, I first energetically purify and cleanse all gemstones thoroughly.  Then I connect to each gemstone - the very core of stone, soul of the stone - to bring forward energy and properties of the stone.  Then energy becomes alive. It shines. 


Not only gemstones, but other materials such as gold, silver, silk have their own energy frequency. Silk, for instance, is also a piezoelectric material. 


I have a very high perception with these materials and I have the gift of being able to see energy. Energy is intangible to most people, but to certain individuals it is tangible. 


Seeing, sensing and feeling the energy of gemstones with materials I use, I design, construct and create jewellery alive with unique and beautiful self-energy. 


This process is like composing music.  Each crystal and material has its own energy “sound”.  By composing and weaving these “sounds”, beautiful music of healing energy is created. 


I purify and energize gemstones and other materials regularly when they are still in premade form. When they are made into finished jewellery, this is again purified and energized. 


Before jewellery is shipped out, I empower it to work for the highest good of the wearer. 



The jewellery price includes this energy work. 



Meditation to help connecting to energy of jewellery


I also offer free short meditation to help connecting to energy of jewellery via Skype.   During meditation, often I see energies of the wearer and jewellery merging together and forming a harmonious loving partnership. It is so very beautiful to watch and I feel privileged to be able to give such opportunities through my jewellery.   I also feel deeply privileged to be given the opportunity to see such beautiful moments. 



*Disclaimer: The jewellery of Graceful Encounter is not a substitute for licensed medical or psychological treatment, nor can the information here be used for diagnostics.  No guarantee is made towards the validity of the claims made in respect of each jewellery and the use of any jewellery is at your  own risk.