Jewellery for Healing

Designing and Creating Healing Jewellery 2

Designing and Creating Healing Jewellery 2 


Before designing and creating healing jewellery for “Graceful Encounter”, I meditate and ask the universe for advice on the design and gems I will be using.  The jewellery, which is produced from this, is something which I can never be able to create with my own ideas.  Healing energy created is so incredibly beautiful and powerful. 


At the very beginning when I began designing my jewellery, I did not strictly follow this process. 


For instance there were designs and styles I saw in currently fashionable magazines and I wanted to try them.  There were also imbedded restrictive ideas, such as this material should go with this, or that etc. 


However, soon I realized when making jewellery which I should not be making, I could never finish.  I tried unfinished jewellery with unfastened ends close to completion, in front of a mirror to check length and final appearance and it slipped from my hands, fell onto the floor with beads splashing all over. 


No matter how careful I was, something like this always happened. 


The pain of losing hours of effort in one splash!   It was so painful. 


Even if I managed to finish, when I looked at it again next day, I knew something was not quite right.  So I started making again. 


So when in a process of creation, jewellery slipped from my hands and splashed onto the floor three times, I learnt to stop making it. 


Firstly, I could not bear the pain of wasting so many hours of effort.  Secondly I could not bear the disappointment when I realized there was something not right energetically - not quite in harmony and beauty of energy the jewellery created. 


I became wiser and now I ask the universe for advice before creating jewellery. 


The result always amazes me, as healing energy created is so beautiful. I fall in love with it instantly.