Jewellery for Healing

Connecting to the energy of Jewellery via meditation

Connecting to the energy of jewellery via meditation 



A customer purchasing Graceful Encounter healing jewellery, I offer free one-to-one meditation via Skype or Telephone. Via the meditation, the customer or wearer will be able to connect to the energy of the jewellery and empower it to work for her/his highest good. The jewellery will become her/his friend. 


Written meditation is also available and is enclosed in the package with the jewellery purchased if you would like to do it yourself. However, all my customers who did the meditation ‘live” mentioned that the effect was a lot more powerful and felt powerfully connected to the energy of the jewellery. 



One of the properties of gemstones is to absorb energy – a very important property for healing. Whilst jewellery purchased is delivered to the customers address, it is likely the jewellery will be handled by many people and kept in different places, and there is a possibility that the jewellery may absorb negativity from people and places. 


Gemstones and material used to create jewellery at Graceful Encounter are many times purified and empowered energetically. Finished pieces are also purified and empowered so that healing energy of the jewellery becomes alive. I do not want the jewellery purchased to absorb any negativity during delivery process, so I take double measures to prevent this when shipping the jewellery. 


First I enclose a small sachet of dried lavender with the jewellery. Lavender has cleansing power and the sachet keeps the jewellery from absorbing negative energy. Then I place a protective barrier over the jewellery box/pouch to keep negative energy out. 



As mentioned, if the jewellery purchased from Graceful Encounter is the customer’s first piece, I offer short guided meditation to help connection to energy of the jewellery by Skype or telephone. 


When meditation is done by Skype, during the meditation, often I see energies of the wearer and jewellery merging together and forming a harmonious loving partnership. 


It is so very beautiful to watch this and I feel privileged to be able to give such opportunities through my jewellery. I also feel deeply privileged to be given the opportunity to see such beautiful moments. 





Disclaimer: The jewellery of Graceful Encounter is not a substitute for licensed medical or psychological treatment, nor can the information here be used for diagnostics. No guarantee is made towards the validity of the claims made in respect of each jewellery and the use of any jewellery is at your own risk.