Jewellery for Healing

You are as beautiful as your jewellery

You are as beautiful as your jewellery 



Does the jewellery shine on you? 


When showing my jewellery to customers, I can never sell saying such as “Oh, this colour suits you.” “This style is in vogue now and it will look good on you.” 


No matter how lovely the colour is and how fashionable the style is, if healing energy of the jewellery is not for the customer, it is completely dead on her/him.  On the other hand, if healing energy of the jewellery works for the customer, when she/he puts the jewellery on, it shines.  If energy of the jewellery is really meant for the customer, it shines beautifully like a star brightening up her/his face. 


This always fascinates me and my customers.  When I show my jewellery to a group of customers, it is such fun to try each jewellery on as we all can see which piece(s) shines or which is completely dead. 


Since I know the energy property of each jewellery I make, I can explain, which often resonates to the customer.  She/he can see why that energy of the particular piece shines on her/him. 


If healing energy of jewellery is not meant for the customer, it is totally dead – no shine, no sparkle, no energy movement at all.  However powerful the jeweller’s healing power is, if it is not meant for the person, it is completely dead, because she/he does not need that energy. 


Due to this, if you would like to choose jewellery from Graceful Encounter, it is very important to choose using your sense and instinct.  Your subconscious knows better.  I provide energy profile for each jewellery I make but this is for reference only. 


It is better not to choose your piece based on the content of the profile. Profile is better to be read after you have chosen your jewellery.  In this way, information on the profile may give you some insight as to why you are attracted to the energy of the particular piece shining beautifully on you. 



Your first jewellery 


Energy property of the first jewellery a customer chooses can often reflect the customer’s fundamental personality, even if the personality is not clearly shown externally. 


If the customer’s first purchase was anklets, then the anklets as well as the first non-anklets jewellery may reflect her/his fundamental personality. 


Also this energy property of the jewellery may be something which she/he needs in life to feel happy, joy or peace – elements which she/he fundamentally requires. 


For instance, a gem called Ametrine has energy property of both Amethyst and Citrine.  Ametrine has very high vibration and is one of the very powerful healing stones.  Compared to Amethyst, Ametrine, which has bright Sun like energy of Citrine as well, has a touch of whimsical and light heartedness in addition to purity and elegance of Amethyst.  I love the light-hearted playfulness of this stone. 


If jewellery is mainly made of Ametrine, the customer, who chooses this jewellery as her/his first piece, is likely to have this light-hearted playfulness and a touch of sun-like brightness in her/his personality.  At the same time, finding this quality in life and being able to receive and feel it close in daily life, may be an essential element towards feeling contentment and happiness. 


A customer may have chosen a first piece of jewellery which has energy of healing heart.  For instance, if the jewellery is made mainly of rose quartz, which is called a stone of heart healer, she/he may be a person with a big loving heart – someone who knows how to love and care naturally. 


Also for her/him, being able to feel and receive love, kindness and tenderness may be very important to be happy in life.  However, for some reason, her/his heart may have been hurt, or she/he could not feel and receive enough of these qualities in life.  So this jewellery was chosen providing her/him with loving energy.  This jewellery’s energy could heal and restore her/his big loving heart, then she/he could give loving care to others. 


I think the reason why my jewellery, especially the first piece, reflects the fundamental personality of the person, is because the energy goes right in and works to restore her/his basic fundamental energy structure or pattern in a very broad manner.  From the 2nd jewellery she/he chooses, healing energy may start working to further improve or enhance this energy structure in a kind of top up manner, healing here and there, or meeting specific needs for the healing energy she/he requires at the time. 


Also our energy can evolve advancing our energy structures/patterns.  When there was some time gap between choosing the first jewellery and 2nd jewellery, sometimes I was surprised to see jewellery with totally different energy from the 1st one picked up and shining on the customer – something I did not expect to see.  This shows her energy structure had evolved a lot and she now needed quite different healing energy to work in her evolved structure. 



When more than one jewellery attracts you 


When a customer tries jewellery on, sometimes she/he may find more than one jewellery equally shines on her/him and the energy of each piece can be quite different.  As it is different, the energy can give a very different effect on her/him. 


It is absolutely fascinating to see how differently jewellery with a different energy affects a customer. 


If a piece of the jewellery has very soft, warm and comforting healing energy, when put on, it may make the customer’s expressions and complex very soft and tender.  If the other jewellery has healing property of boosting overall energy, then the same customer’s expressions and complex may become lively and energy-boosted. 


Most of my customers are therapists, energy practitioners such as Feng Shui consultants, or those who have some sensitivity to energy.  They themselves can sense, feel and see the different way each piece affects them.  Often even non-sensitive-to-energy persons can see the change jewellery makes in their expressions and complex.  They find this fascinating. 


If you are interested in jewellery of Graceful Encounter and more than one jewellery attracts you in a different way, then you need to still your mind and try to sense which energy you feel most comfortable with.  You may consider purchasing other jewellery as your 2nd or 3rd pieces, as they are likely to work to enhance your energy structure further as top-ups. 



You are as beautiful as your jewellery 


As mentioned, energy of the jewellery you were attracted to (or somebody chose it for you using instinct, and gifted you) often reflects your fundamental energy and personality. 


When you have any doubts in yourself, I would like you to take out the jewellery you have, the very first piece and the following pieces, look at each jewellery, see its beauty, feel its lovely energy, and remember you share this beautiful quality in you. 


It is in you.  That is why you were attracted to the jewellery and it shined beautifully on you. 


You are as beautiful as your jewellery is.