Jewellery for Healing

Logo of “Graceful Encounter”

Logo of “Graceful Encounter” 


In Feng Shui teaching, the logo is very important.  A logo represents a brand or company and energy created from its design can influence business direction and outcome. 


Knowing the importance of a logo, I meditated and asked the universe to give me the best logo for “Graceful Encounter”, before meeting a designer to create the logo. 


He presented me with two logo designs.  As soon as I saw one, I knew it was for “Graceful Encounter”. 


A couple of days before the meeting, in meditation I saw a vision of a lady in a white robe.  From heaven a bright white sphere was coming down onto her.  She was raising her arms high welcoming and accepting the light. 


So I knew which one was meant as a logo for my healing jewellery. 


Some small adjustments were made to the original design – for instance the width of the outside circle became thicker. 


I was delighted with the figure of eight, a symbol for “infinite” on which the white figure stands.  I am absolutely happy with this logo and the energy it creates. 


I stepped into this logo sensing its energy.  Energy in the outside circle, representing a circle of life flew strongly. It also provided very firm protection.  The figure of eight on which I stood gave a very interesting balance, yet it grounded my energy firmly. 


I dedicated and empowered this logo for jewellery of Graceful Encounter and for the highest good of its wearers.  I am very happy to create healing jewellery under blessing, empowerment and guidance this logo gives.  It is a very important part of “Graceful Encounter” and healing jewellery.