Jewellery for Healing

Constructing healing energy by combining gemstones and metal energies

Constructing healing energy by combining gemstones and metal energies 



I love healing energy of gemstones.  I also love metal energy. 


Gemstones have energy and so does metal. 


However, metal has a very different vibration from gemstones. 


The more I work with metal, the more I understand it and now my sensitivity/perception to metal energy is as strong as that of gemstones. 



Metal Energy 


Some time ago I bought beautiful sterling silver chains.  They were delivered by post. I opened the parcel and as the chains came out, I was hit by energy – absolutely wow! 


However, working with gemstones and metal can be tricky in terms of the construction of healing energy. 


When I studied Feng Shui, I learnt that Metal Qi (energy) is contractive, controlling and condensing.  This nature of metal energy can be sensed/felt when making jewellery. 


This contractive, controlling and condensing energy of metal can “kill” energy of gemstones, or “cage” it.  Sometimes seeing gemstone jewellery heavily wrapped up by metal wire, I sense the energy of the gemstone caged, kept from radiating. 


I mentioned this to one of my crystal healing friends.  She said “Is that why I do not like jewellery of gemstones heavily wrapped by wire.” 


Of course this is dependant upon a balance of energy power, and how gemstones and metal are designed and structured. 


For instance a fine quality gemstone used in a ring tends to have fine strong energy (when thoroughly purified and energized) and although it is mounted and surrounded by a fair amount of metal, it is neither contained nor caged - energy still radiating. 


Before continuing this post, I would like to add I am fully aware I am talking about something which the majority of people can not see.  I am in a niche area and can safely think people who are not interested in this area will not come and buy my jewellery.  So I dare to continue to talk about something I love and understand well. 



Shaping or framing gemstone energy using metal 


Considering energy of metal, I have discovered this nature of metal energy can also be used to shape or frame gemstone energy.  Gemstones have very powerful healing energy and combined with energy of metal, I can shape or frame a geometric shape of healing power. 


How excited I was and still am with this!! 


Here is a simple example of jewellery, strategically designed and constructed with energies of gemstone and metal. 



Creating “Milky Way’ of shimmering healing energy of Moonstones 


This multi-layered necklace is made of beautiful Moonstones and a sterling silver chain. 

Moonstone has a beautiful shimmer of light as the Moon.  It has a beautiful healing power, which I love very much. However, as a mysterious shimmer of Moon, energy of Moonstones can be everywhere, especially in round shaped beads. 


So I added a fairly strong sterling silver chain and by doing this, the property of metal energy condensed and retained energy of moonstone closer alongside the chain. 


Without the chain, the moonstone’s energy was felt everywhere without focus just like a simmering light of Moon.  When the sterling silver chain was added, simmering energy of the moonstones shaped into a milky way of Moonlight.  Naturally healing energy became more focused and powerful. 


Here I attach two photos of the necklace with and without the sterling silver chain.  I found moonstone a difficult stone for photography, so I am not sure how much one can sense energetical difference from the photos. 


I showed the necklace to a few people with high sensitivity and they felt the difference right away. 


Energy of the necklace without the chain is vague and unfocused.  You may think this is because of a lack of visual accent from the chain. 


It is not. There is an energetical difference.  This difference is felt perhaps on a subconscious level. 


This is a simple example of constructing healing energy combining gemstones and metal. Although simple, it created powerful healing jewellery. 



Stepping into “Milky Way” of Moonstone’s healing power 


When I make jewellery with Moonstones, occasionally I am guided to energise with a new or full moon light. 


I did so with this necklace with a full moon. 


After re-purifying this necklace, I re-energized it with full moon light.  Then, I saw and sensed energy of the necklace starting to radiate beautifully. 


When I felt its energy fully activated and alive, I stepped into it, sensing, tasting and knowing the beautiful healing power this necklace had. 



With Sterling Silver chain

Without Sterling Silver chain