Jewellery for Healing

Gallery 1 : Necklace – Rose Quartz and Brown Zebra Jasper with Sterling Silver Clasp


Gallery 1 : Necklace – Rose Quartz and Brown Zebra Jasper with Sterling Silver Clasp



By Shigemi Cheves 


In the previous post, I mentioned how I make healing jewellery for “Graceful Encounter”.  I mediate and ask the universe for advice before I begin the process of designing and creating. 


When jewellery is created in this manner, the result of healing energy created is incredible – something I can never perform. Energy becomes fully alive and the jewellery looks beautiful. 


Here is an example. 


This beautiful necklace is made with Brown Zebra Jasper and Rose Quartz, adorned by sterling silver clasps. 


When I fully purified and energized these brown jasper stones with slightly purplish hues, I was instantly attracted by their warm, comfortable and gentle grounding energy.  However, I had no idea what kind of design and stones I should use with these Jaspers. 


So I meditated and a vision given was to design them with rose quartz.  To me such a combination was so unthinkable and I said to the universe “Are you sure?”.  However, when I placed the Jasper and Rose Quartz together, the energy both stones created was so lovely and harmonious.  I knew the vision given was right. So this necklace was created. 


If I had designed via my own mind, I would never have thought of such a combination.  Many are instantly attracted to this particular energy. 


Rose quartz is one of the most powerful healing stones and is known as “Heart Healer”.  It purifies and heals the heart. It gently supports the healing process and retains peace.  Rose quartz has a property to absorb negativity and is also gently grounding.  Properties of these stones are combined and merged together to give the jewellery healing with warm comfort and grounding power. It is like sipping warm hot chocolate in cold weather feeling gentle warmth and comfort. 



Sterling Silver Clasps give the necklace a stylish taste.  The consolidating property of Sterling Silver also adds refined strength to grounding power of the stones. 


I also made a matching bracelet.  The energy of this jewellery works well for the mid section of body energy structure, such as Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chacras.  In the form of a bracelet, this area can be approached more easily. 


However, gemstones have many healing properties and the energy of each person is different.  It may be sensed/felt differently by each wearer. 



I was surprised to see people instantly attracted to energy of this necklace and bracelet. 




Length approx. 48cm 



Bracelet : 

Length approx. 21cm 



* Each stone, I work with, is energetically thoroughly purified and then energised so the energy becomes alive. I energise finished jewellery again for the highest good of the wearer.  Energy of my jewelley (and each stone used) has multi-healing qualities and depending on the wearer’s energy structure, it may feel differently.