Jewellery for Healing
Necklace made of Green Kyanite and Black Onyx set in Sterling Silver - product image
Necklace made of Green Kyanite and Black Onyx set in Sterling Silver - product image

Necklace made of Green Kyanite and Black Onyx set in Sterling Silver

"Graceful Encounter EXCLUSIVE"

Inner Approx. 44cm
Outer Approx. 47cm

Energy Profile:

* In order for the jewellery's energy to work for your highest good, it is very important to use your instinct and intuition when choosing it. Please click and read: How to choose your jewellery

One of my signature pieces. This necklace is made of Green Kyanite and Black Onyx set in Sterling Silver. Glass seed beads were also used for decorative purposes.

Green Kyanite has a very gentle power, which heals and smoothes. It works on the whole subtle body gently, but especially the healing power is effective on the heart chakra. This stone gently eases emotional blocks such as pains, hurt, grief and brings peace. It restores balance, harmony and promotes regeneration.

Black Onyx empowers the healing energy of Green Kyanite by centering and grounding. With the help of Black Onyx, unblocked negative energy by Green Kyanite is released into the earth for transmutation. Also by anchoring the healing energy of Kyanite, speedy regeneration can be progressed.

This necklace is strategically designed to create powerful healing energy. If this necklace was made of one layer with Green Kyanite and Black Onyx, the energy of Green Kyanite would be too spiky. Therefore, I added a 2nd layer of round Black Onyx and seed beads. Black Onyx is also a very protective stone. The 2nd layer of Black Onyx creates a protective barrier and the healing power of Green Kyanite works safely within the shield.

In addition, in the layer made of Green Kyanite and Black Onyx beads, three Green Kyanite beads are put together in sequence – each three Kyanite beads are separated by small Black Onyx beads. These three Kyanites create a mini triangular energy grid with middle Kynite bead acting as a point facing down helping to ground your energy to the earth.

When this necklace is worn, it drapes to shape another triangle energy grid with the point facing down. This point is created by three large Kyanite beads in the middle of the layer.

Triangle shape is one of the most powerful energy grids and this necklace contains multiple triangle grids. Energy from these grids flows in total harmony adding another healing dimension and making this piece a powerful healing jewellery.

Who would think this innocent looking stylish necklace contains such powerful healing power. You can draw the healing energy from it when you are wearing and feel its gentle healing and support working for you! 

I hope you enjoy the beautiful design and very unique healing power of this necklace.

*Each stone, I work with, is energetically thoroughly purified and then energised so the energy becomes alive. I energise finished jewellery again for the highest good of the wearer.

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