Jewellery for Healing

3 Minutes Meditation

My three minutes meditation


I use this short three minutes meditation, when finding it difficult to make time for long meditation.  Although it is very short, switching from a thinking mode to a deeply sensing and feeling mode can give a break to our thinking mind with relaxation.  


Please do try it, if you like.  


* This is not the meditation to connect your jewellery to you.

A little time alone I can take on a busy day.


Lie on a bed or sit on a sofa and breathe deeply twice. 


Breathe in deeply and out slowly relaxing my body. 

Again breathe in and breathe out slowly with luxury relaxing body. 


Feeling my body sinking into a bed or sofa, focus on hearing. 


Search sounds. 


Catch the sounds and release them without thinking. 


Sounds of a clock ticking.

Sounds of someone moving downstairs. 


I can sense my hearing sharpening and catching sounds

which I could not hear before. 


Breathe in and out again relaxing and balancing. 


Then expand hearing further and further outside. 


Now I can hear sounds of a far car driving. 

I can hear sounds of winds howling afar. 


Search and catch sounds and release them without thinking.

Making a coffee on a weekend morning.

The fragrance of the coffee beans comes to my nose.


Inhale the fragrance and then slowly

exhale filling my body with the fragrance.


Feel a familiar warmth from the handle of my well-used French Press.

Feeling a deepening cold at night I pull up a duvet.


Feeling a warmness on my mouth

which is now lightly covered by the duvet.


Shaking my head lightly from right to left to taste the warmness

touching my mouth.


Breathe in the warmness into my body and out slowly spreading it

feeling my body being relaxed in a bed.