Jewellery for Healing

Graceful Encounter

"Graceful Encounter" 



"Graceful Encounter" is a collection of hand-made semi-precious/precious gemstone jewellery designed and created by Shigemi Cheves, a crystal therapist.  Shigemi aims to design and create beautiful therapeutic jewellery with style and elegance.   The purpose of this jewellery is not only to be beautiful , but is specially designed to give a powerful therapeutic energy to YOU.



An elegant piece which one can enjoy wearing at parties, a stylish piece which can be worn at business meetings, or simple designed jewellery which looks really good with casual attire. 


Jewellery of "Graceful Encounter" looks stylishly elegant.  It is also jewellery with powerful healing energy and property to support and help the wearers. 

Furthermore, therapeutic energy of Graceful Encounter is constructed not only paying attention and using healing property of gemstones, but also energy property of other materials used such as silver, gold, and silk etc --- finally!! 




The healing property of gemstones is often talked about.  However, other materials such as metal, silk, cotton, wood, also have their own energetic characteristics and frequencies.  The latter are often disregarded without concern.


Radiating energy of gemstones can be quite strong and people may be sensitive to it.  On the other hand, not many are sensitive to subtle energy frequencies of other materials. 


Shigemi has a very high energy perception to many materials – not just gemstones.  In addition, she has the gift of being able to see energy. 


Seeing and sensing different energy frequencies and characteristics of different materials, Shigemi combines and constructs these energies, weaving an energy structure with unique and beautiful therapeutic power. 




As a result, the healing energy of Graceful Encounter jewellery is highly unique, very sophisticated and deeply powerful. 




Blue-Lace Agate & Iolite Three Layered Necklace

For further details please refer to How healing jewellery is created page under "About".  Also please visit "How to choose your jewellery" page under "About" . 



A customer purchasing Graceful Encounter healing jewellery receives a short meditation paper instruction to connect her/his energy to that of the jewellery.  Shigemi also offers free one-to-one meditation via skype or phone.   Via this meditation, healing power of the jewellery can work closely with you for your highest good.  Please refer to Meditation with Jewellery page for further details. 


A small sachet of dried lavender is enclosed with the jewellery purchased when shipping.  Lavender has cleansing power and the sachet keeps the jewellery from absorbing negative energy.  Please refer to Packaging page for further details. 




Please also note many of my pieces feature natural materials, precious/semi-precious stones etc.  Colours and markings will naturally vary slightly from piece to piece. 



Jewellery prices include the energy work mentioned above