Jewellery for Healing

How Healing Jewellery is Created

How Healing Jewellery is Created



By Shigemi Cheves 



Before designing  and creating healing jewellery for "Graceful Encounter", I often meditate and ask higher minds for advice on the design and semi/precious gemstones I will be using.   The jewellery produced from this is something I can never be able to create with my own ideas.   Therapeutic  power created is so beautiful and powerful. 


As a qualified crystal therapist, one of the techniques I use often is "crystal mandala".   Each gemstone (its size/shape etc.) has its own beautiful energy and property.   By placing a collection of stones in certain patterns and layout, another beautiful energy is created.  I have applied this healing concept into my jewellery. 



One of the properties of gemstones is to absorb energy - a very important property for crystal therapy.   However, whilst gemstones are handled by many people and are passing through many places  since they were mined, they absorb negative and positive energy in the process.  


Therefore, I first energetically purify and cleanse all gemstones thoroughly.   Then I connect to each gemstone - the  very core of stone, soul of the stone - to bring forward energy and properties of the stone.   Then energy becomes alive.   It shines.  

Not only gemstones, but other materials such as gold, silver, silk have their own energy frequency.  For instance, silk is also a piezoelectric material, i.e. when pressure is applied, tiny electrical charges are produced.   Piezoelectric is now applied at modern leading-edge medical treatments.  

Even in metal, frequency of gold is quite different from silver. 


I have a very high perception with these materials, plus the gift of being able to see energy.   Energy is intangible to most people, but to certain individuals it is tangible.  



Seeing and sensing different energy frequency and characteristics of different materials I use, and combining and constructing these energies into an energy structure with unique and beautiful therapeutic  energy is such an interesting and beautiful process.  


This process is comparable to composing music.   Each crystal and material has its own energy "sound".   By composing and weaving these "sounds", beautiful music of therapeutic  energy is created and born. 

Often customers mention something like “I like Amethyst. I like jewellery with Amethyst”.   However, jewellery of Graceful Counter is often designed and created with not just one stone, but with other stones. 


Also even if Amethyst is used, depending on what kind of amethyst (ie shape, size, etc) is used, what other stones are used, what kind of design the jewellery is created, what other materials apart from gemstones are used, etc make a final healing energy of jewellery different. 



As mentioned, it is like composing music with different musical instruments. For example, a piano.  There are many different types of pianos and they make different sounds.  Sounds made by a classic piano and synthesizer are very much different. Also factors such as who made the piano, where it was made, make the sound of pianos different. 


When music is composed with other musical instruments, even if it includes exactly the same piano, finally composed music is different.  Also even if the same piano is used, depending on who composes the music, who plays it and who listens to it, the finally composed music sounds completely different.

In addition, even if the same person is listening to the same music, depending on the mood of the person, the music can be sensed and appreciated differently. 


It is the same with Graceful Encounter jewellery.  Even if amethyst stones are used, the final healing energy of each jewellery is different. 



Healing energy of Graceful Encounter’s jewellery is also created weaving energy of other material such as precious metal and silk.  They all have different energy qualities and frequencies.

Energy of the other materials can simply add another healing power to healing energy of gemstones, or it can form/frame energy of gemstones into certain energy structures. Designs themselves, i.e, how stones and other materials are positioned and combined weaving and constructing various forms and grids of healing energy, attribute creation of different healing power. 


As composing music with different musical instruments is a complex process, so is creating healing jewellery with different gemstones and materials. However, guided by instructions of the universe, final healing energy created in each jewellery piece is always beautiful and powerful. 



So when choosing jewellery, it is best to use your instinct/intuition, and sense for jewellery speaking to you or attracting you by looking at the images. 



I purify and energize gemstones and other materials regularly when they are still in premade form. When they are made into finished jewellery, this is again purified and energized. 


Before jewellery is shipped out, I empower it to work for the highest good of the wearer.



Jewellery prices include this nergy work.