Jewellery for Healing

How to choose your jewellery

How to choose your jewellery



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In order for healing energy of the jewellery of Graceful Encounter to work for your highest good, it is best to use your instinct and intuition when choosing your jewellery.   Your subconscious knows best. 


Take a look at images of the jewellery and see if you feel instinctively attracted.  You may also like to read an energy profile to see if you feel attuned. 


However, energy profile is guidance. When your connection to healing energy of Graceful Encounter’s jewellery deepens and strengthens, the healing energy can also develop and evolve.  You may start to feel it working for you in much broader manners. 

When choosing your jewellery, try to calm, still your mind and see which jewellery images speak to you and you feel instinctively attracted to. 


If you have a few pieces you are attracted to and cannot decide which one to take, you may want to write a name/description of each jewellery on a small piece of paper, fold it into two so you cannot see the name and put the papers in a cup or small basket.  Calm and still your mind, and ask higher minds (Universe, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, and so on) which jewellery works for your highest good. Then pick up one paper and see which jewellery is written. 


If you are choosing jewellery for someone else, you can imagine the person and sense what you feel about the person with the jewellery.  Again use instinct and intuition. 


Some jewellery items of Graceful Encounter offer only a very limited quantity – sometimes just one.  If you find jewellery speaking to you, it is hoped you decide to purchase the piece to enjoy beautiful design and healing energy.



If you would like a help, I offer a free initial consultation (up to 30 minutes) by Skype, FaceTime or phone.  Please book your appointment by email on