Jewellery for Healing

Meditation with Jewellery


Meditation with Jewellery purchased at Glaceful Encounter  



* To exsisting customers:  Currently offering a free meditation session to re-energise the jewellery piece you purchased from Graceful Encounter and re-connect you to its healing power!



A customer purchasing Graceful Encounter healing jewellery receives a meditation paper instruction to connect her/his energy to that of the jewellery.    


I also offer a free one-to-one meditation session via Skype, FaceTime or Telephone, which will take  about 30 minutes.   

A customer can either do the meditation her/himself following the instruction enclosed or sent by email, or make an appointment with me for the free one-to-one meditation session.   


At the one-to-one meditation session, I can offer information such as how to work with the jewellery and how to look after it.   



By the meditation, the customer will be able to connect to the energy of the jewellery and empower it to work for her/his highest good.   Then energy of the jewellery will work fully and closely – like becoming her/his life-time friend.    



Gemstones and material used to create jewellery at Graceful Encounter are many times purified so no negative energy absorbed remained,  and they are empowered energetically.    Finished pieces are again purified and empowered so that healing energy of the jewellery becomes beautifully alive.    



In order to keep the jewellery from absorbing negative energy during a delivery, a small sachet of dried lavender is enclosed in a parcel with the jewellery.  A protective energy barrier over the jewellery box is also placed to keep negative energy out.  Due to these procedures, when the customer receives the jewellery, its energy is intact.  



When the one-to-one meditation is done by Skype or FaceTime, during the meditation, often I see energies of the wearer and jewellery merging together and forming a harmonious loving partnership. 



It is so very beautiful to watch this and I feel  privileged to be given the opportunity to see such beautiful moments.  I also feel deeply privileged to be able to give such opportunities through my jewellery.    



You are also likely to notice the jewellery looks different after the meditation.  It often looks shiner and brighter.    If you look at a mirror, you may also notice a subtle difference in your face ie your complexion and appearance.  


To exisiting customers, I am currently offering a free meditation session to re-energize the jewellery piece you purchased from Graceful Encounter previously and re-connect you to its heaing power. 



Arranging a free one-to-one meditation session


If you would like to make an appointment with me for a free one-to-one meditation, please do so by email,    



If the jewellery purchased was a gift and a person who received the jewellery would like to have the one-to-one meditation, please kindly email me the following information in order to make an appointment:  


  1. Name of the purchaser 

  1. Name of the wearer (if the jewellery is a gift) 

  1. Order Date 

  1. Invoice Number, if you know. 

  1. Product type and description of Jewellery purchased ie “Necklace with clear quartz”  


If the jewellery was purchsed for a gift, please also mention this and give the names of both purchaser and wearer.  



Important Notice:  


As mentioned above, all jewellery from Graceful Encounter is thoroughly purified energetically before connecting its beautiful energy to that of a wearer.    


I can only recommend to connect energy of jewellery of Graceful Encounter (not  jewellery purchased elsewhere) to that of the wearer using the meditation instruction paper provided or the one-to-one session.     


Connecting energy of jewellery with energetically uncleansed and unpurified natural stones/gems via meditation is not recommended at all and can be harmful.  Therefore, I can not recommend to mediate using the instrucution with jewellery purchased elsewhere.