Jewellery for Healing





One of the properties of gemstones is to absorb energy.


Whilst jewellery purchased is delivered to the customers address, it is likely the jewellery will be handled by many people and kept in different places, and there is a possibility the jewellery may absorb negativity from people and places.  


In order to prevent the jewellery you purchased from absorbing any negativity during delivery, I take double measures to prevent this when shipping.  


Firstly I enclose a small sachet of dried lavender with the jewellery. Lavender has cleansing power and the sachet keeps the jewellery from absorbing negative energy. Then I place a protective energy barrier over the jewellery box/pouch to keep negative energy out. 


Most items are carefully packed in a beautiful gift box.


* Before the jewellery is packed and shipped out, it is also empowered to work for the highest good of the wearer.